Becoming a martyr for the massacre of one hundred Christian Delaware at Gnadenhutten, the torture and death of William Crawford is one of the most repeated stories in American history. Disaster on the Sandusky is the first book on the life and times of William Crawford. Robert Thompson has authored a compelling narrative that shines light on Crawford’s moral character as well as his flaws as a military leader and how those flaws ultimately led to Crawford’s death. An insightful read for students of 18th century frontier history – Greg Bray, Executive Director, Pricketts Fort Memorial Foundation, Pricketts Fort State Park

Robert Thompson has crafted an engaging and entertaining story of the early history of the American Colonies, the turmoil surrounding early expansion westward, and its subsequent conflicts with the Native tribes already inhabiting the lands. The book is well-researched and heavily documented providing more details to the story than most of the early writers. His approach provides a nuanced glance into the life and motivations (good and bad) of two frontier friends – George Washington and William Crawford. One went on to be the “Father of Our Country” while the other has become a largely forgotten character of the early American frontier. By utilizing multiple original letters, period accounts, and journals the author enables readers to place themselves in the midst of early battles and their associated marches. He also provides a fuller explanation as to why the Delaware executed Crawford and how his death was a form of Native justice rather than just an act of vengeance. The book is a finely crafted examination of the early American frontier and highly recommended for anyone interested in or studying the original expansion westward and its related conflicts with the Native American tribes – Ronald I. Marvin, Jr., Director/Curator of the Wyandot County Historical Society

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